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Acrylic Photocard Binder

Acrylic Photocard Binder

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Acrylic Photocard Binder is a perfect product for the collection of pcs! 

Three designs available: 

  • Strawberry The Cuties Collection 
  • Lovely Pink 
  • Hello Beautiful Notebook 

Size: 9x7 (A5) 

Each binder comes with 10 photocard binder sleeves. If you wish to purchase more sets of 10, there is a separate listing with sleeve packs. It will be an additional $5 for each pack. You can also purchase your own set of sleeves off of Amazon (make sure to look for the A5 size). 

PLEASE NOTE: These are acrylic so that means they are prone to scratches if you mishandle them. 

SHIPPING: Due to this product being heavier, shipping may be priced higher. Any difference in shipping will be refunded to you! 


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