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BTS Island 8.5x11 Notebook

BTS Island 8.5x11 Notebook

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BTS Island Notebook inspired by the BTS Island game! There are several layouts in the notebook, from lined pages to to do lists. Each member is included on the lined pages. 

DISCLAIMER: Lined pages were printed slightly off so the gaps in between are uneven in some parts. This is discounted from the normal price to accommodate this defect! 


  • Size: 8.5x11
  • Page count of the lined pages only: 105
  • Total of to do list pages: 14
  • Total of calender pages: 7 
  • Each member has their own set of lined pages using the design from the BTS Island game. There is a set of 15 pages (front and back) for each member. 
  • Between each members set of lined pages is a monthly calender layout and 2 to do lists. 
  • The beginning of the notebook has the monthly calender, to do list, and a separate page for motivation and goals. 

NOTE: Anyone who purchases this notebook will receive a Whalien 52 post it note, floral washi tape, and a Jhope lanyard! 


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